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Who is Wayne Brady’s wife? Learn more about the actor’s partner


Wayne ⁣Brady, best known for his‍ quick wit and infectious energy as a comedian and TV personality, has‍ been a staple in the entertainment industry for decades.⁣ However, little‍ is known about his personal life, particularly his wife. ​In this article, we ‍will delve into the life ‌of Wayne Brady’s​ wife, exploring ‍her background, their⁣ relationship, and the impact she has had on his ⁤life and career. Join us ⁣as we uncover the‌ woman behind the talented and ⁢charismatic‍ Wayne Brady.

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Introduction to Wayne Brady’s Wife, Mandie Taketa

Mandie Taketa is an American actress, producer, and yoga instructor, ⁤best⁣ known for being the‌ ex-wife ‌of famous​ actor and ‍comedian Wayne Brady. The‌ couple met in 1996⁢ and got⁢ married in 1999, but⁤ unfortunately, they divorced in 2008. Despite ‍the divorce, Mandie and Wayne have ⁣remained⁣ good friends and co-parents to their daughter, Maile Masako Brady.

Mandie‍ Taketa‍ is of Japanese descent and ‌was ⁤born and‍ raised in Hawaii. She is not‍ only‍ a ​talented actress but also a​ successful producer​ and yoga instructor. Mandie ⁣has appeared in a variety of TV shows and movies, showcasing⁣ her acting skills⁣ and versatility. Additionally,‌ she has ‌made a name for herself⁤ as a respected yoga instructor, promoting health⁤ and wellness through her expertise in⁣ yoga.

In addition to her successful career,‍ Mandie Taketa is also ‍known for her advocacy for mental⁢ health awareness. She⁣ has been open about her struggles‌ with anxiety​ and depression, using her ​platform to spread awareness and promote​ mental well-being. Mandie’s ⁢openness ⁢and‌ honesty have inspired many, and she continues to ⁤be a positive influence in the entertainment industry.

Early Life and Career ⁢of Mandie Taketa

Mandie Taketa was born in​ Hawaii ​and grew up in⁤ a family ‍with a passion for the arts, which set the stage for her future career in ‌the entertainment industry. She attended the University of⁣ California, Irvine,‌ where she studied‍ dance and theater, honing ⁢her skills and ‌laying the foundation for ⁢her successful career. Taketa’s early life was filled with ⁤a love for ‍performance ‌and creativity, which ultimately led⁤ her‍ to become a professional‍ dancer and actress.

Taketa’s career ⁢took off when ⁤she landed‍ a role‌ as ​a⁣ dancer on ‍the popular ⁣TV show “In Living ⁣Color.” ⁣This opportunity‍ allowed her to showcase her talent and gain exposure in the​ entertainment world. ‍From there, she‍ went⁣ on to appear in several other television shows​ and ‍movies,‌ solidifying her‌ place in the industry. In addition to her⁢ work in front of the⁣ camera, Taketa‍ has​ also ⁤made a name for ​herself behind the scenes, working as a choreographer and ⁤dance instructor. Her diverse‌ talents and dedication‌ to ⁤her craft​ have made her a respected figure in the entertainment‌ industry.

**Mandie Taketa’s Early​ Life and​ Career Highlights:**
– ‍Born and ‍raised in Hawaii
– Studied‍ dance and ⁤theater ‍at the ⁤University of California, Irvine
-⁣ Appeared as‍ a dancer on “In Living Color”
– Featured in various television shows ⁤and ⁣movies
– Works⁣ as ⁣a choreographer and dance instructor

In summary, Mandie Taketa’s early life ⁤and ⁣career highlights her passion for⁤ the⁤ arts ‍and her dedication to pursuing‌ her ⁢dreams. Her journey ⁢from Hawaii to ‌Hollywood ⁢is an inspiring example of how hard work‍ and talent can lead to success in⁣ the⁢ entertainment‍ industry.

Marriage‍ and Family‍ Life with Wayne Brady

Wayne Brady⁣ is a well-known American actor,⁤ singer, and comedian, ⁤but his⁣ personal life and marriage ‌to ex-wife Mandie Taketa are also⁢ of interest to many. Wayne ⁣and Mandie⁣ met in ​Los Angeles and got​ married in 1999, before⁤ eventually divorcing in 2008. The couple shares a⁣ daughter ⁤named​ Maile⁤ Masako Brady, and despite⁢ the end of ‌their marriage, they‌ have maintained a close and ⁣amicable relationship for the sake of their⁤ daughter.

Wayne Brady’s‍ marriage to‌ Mandie Taketa was well-documented ⁤in the media, with the couple⁢ appearing‌ in ​public together at various events and red carpets.‌ Their relationship and family life were often the subject of⁢ interviews and features, providing fans and the public with a glimpse ⁢into their personal lives. Despite the challenges of maintaining ⁢a marriage in the ‌spotlight, Wayne and Mandie have remained dedicated to co-parenting ​their daughter and supporting ⁢each other in their respective ⁢endeavors.

In addition to his ⁢marriage to Mandie ‌Taketa, Wayne Brady has​ been open about his ⁢experiences ⁢with depression and mental health,‌ shedding light on the importance of seeking help‌ and support.​ His openness about personal ‌challenges⁤ has ⁤resonated with many, and he continues to be an advocate for mental health ⁢awareness and support. Wayne’s​ ability to ⁢balance his ​career, family life, and personal well-being serves as ‍an ⁣inspiration ⁤to many, ⁢showcasing the‍ complexities of marriage and ⁣family⁤ in the public eye.

Challenges and ‌Triumphs in ‌Mandie Taketa’s Life

Mandie Taketa‍ has ​faced‌ numerous challenges and triumphs in her ‍life, from navigating the ups and‌ downs of ‌her career to ⁣finding personal fulfillment and happiness. As‌ the ex-wife of Wayne Brady, ⁣Mandie has experienced the complexities of marriage, ⁤divorce, and‌ co-parenting, all​ while striving to maintain ​her own identity and pursue her passions.

Throughout her life, Mandie‍ has overcome adversity with grace⁣ and ⁢resilience, using ​her experiences​ to fuel personal growth and empowerment. From juggling the ‌demands of parenthood ⁣to navigating the intricacies⁤ of relationships ⁤in‌ the public eye,⁢ Mandie has emerged‌ as a role model ⁤for resilience‌ and ​self-discovery.

  • Marriage ​and divorce
  • Co-parenting with Wayne Brady
  • Pursuing personal passions and⁢ career ⁣goals
  • Finding balance and fulfillment in life

Despite the challenges she⁤ has faced, Mandie Taketa has triumphed ​in maintaining a‌ positive outlook on life⁣ and remaining true ‍to herself. Her ‌journey‌ serves as an ⁢inspiration to many, demonstrating the strength and courage it​ takes to⁢ navigate​ life’s ⁣obstacles ⁤while‌ staying true to ⁣one’s⁣ authentic self.

Mandie​ Taketa’s‍ Philanthropic Work

is a shining example of using one’s platform ‍for⁣ the⁢ greater good. ​As the ex-wife of Wayne Brady, Mandie ​has used her influence to support numerous ⁢charitable ‌causes. One of her‍ most notable endeavors is her work ⁢with the ‍American Lung Association, ⁤where she has ⁣advocated for ⁢lung health awareness and​ raised​ funds for ⁣research⁢ and education.

In ‌addition ​to her work​ with the American Lung Association, Mandie has been a vocal ‍supporter of mental‍ health initiatives. She​ has⁢ spoken openly about her own struggles with anxiety ​and depression, and has used ​her platform to ​de-stigmatize mental⁤ illness and⁤ promote access to mental‌ health​ resources. Her dedication ​to these causes​ has resonated with many, and her efforts have ​made a ⁣meaningful impact in the lives of those⁣ she⁣ has reached.

‍extends beyond raising awareness and funds – she also actively participates⁤ in community service ⁤and volunteer efforts. From‍ serving meals​ at homeless⁢ shelters ‍to leading⁢ fundraising​ events, Mandie has ⁤shown ​a ‌genuine ⁤commitment to ​making ⁤a ​positive difference ⁣in the world. Her passion ​for giving back serves as an inspiration to others, and‌ her ⁢dedication to various ⁤charitable causes​ has undoubtedly left a lasting legacy. **It’s clear that ‌ is a true testament to the power⁤ of using one’s influence‍ for good.**

Personal⁤ and Professional Achievements‌ of Mandie Taketa

Mandie Taketa⁣ is a multi-talented individual who⁤ has achieved success in both her personal ‌and professional life. As an actress, producer, and yoga instructor, she has made ⁤significant ⁣contributions to the entertainment industry and ⁤the wellness ‌community.​ Taketa’s ⁣dedication and hard work‍ have‍ led‍ to numerous accomplishments, making her ​a‌ role model ​for aspiring artists and health enthusiasts⁢ alike.

In her personal life, Taketa is known ⁣for her strong ​family⁣ values and commitment‌ to her loved‌ ones. She has successfully ​co-parented her daughter ‌with her former husband, ​Wayne⁢ Brady, with whom she maintains a positive and supportive relationship. This demonstrates her ability to navigate challenges ‍with ‍grace and maturity, serving as an inspiration for others⁤ facing similar situations. Additionally,‌ Taketa’s dedication to⁣ wellness and mindfulness has ⁤allowed her to achieve a ⁣sense of balance and fulfillment in​ her personal life, serving as a⁢ testament to the benefits of‍ prioritizing mental‍ and physical health.

Professionally, ⁣Taketa‍ has achieved ⁣success as an ⁢actress, appearing⁣ in various television shows and films. Her ⁣experience⁤ in the entertainment‌ industry⁤ has ‌allowed her​ to develop a strong ⁢network ⁤and a reputation for professionalism⁣ and talent. Additionally, Taketa’s passion for yoga⁣ and holistic wellness has led her ⁤to become a respected instructor,⁣ sharing her knowledge⁤ and expertise ‍with others. Her achievements in ‌both the entertainment and wellness industries reflect her ⁤versatility and dedication to personal and ‍professional growth. Overall, ⁢Mandie Taketa’s personal and professional ⁤achievements ​serve⁣ as a ‌testament to ⁤her resilience, talent, and ‍commitment to living a fulfilling life.

Key Lessons ‍from Mandie Taketa’s Journey

Mandie Taketa’s journey ⁢as the ex-wife‍ of Wayne Brady has been filled ⁤with a myriad of lessons,​ both‍ personal⁣ and professional.⁤ One ⁢key lesson​ we can learn from her journey⁣ is the importance of resilience in the face‌ of challenges. Despite the end of her marriage to the famous actor and⁣ comedian, Mandie has​ shown incredible strength and resilience, standing tall⁣ and continuing‍ to pursue her own dreams ⁢and‍ passions in the entertainment industry.

Another‌ important ‍lesson we can‌ take from Mandie Taketa’s journey is⁢ the value of self-love and self-care. In⁢ the​ midst​ of a high-profile divorce, Mandie⁣ has been an ‍advocate for ⁤mental health​ and wellness, promoting ⁣the importance of taking care of oneself during difficult ‍times. Her journey has‌ inspired many to​ prioritize their own​ well-being and practice self-love,‍ regardless ​of the challenges they ​may face.

Overall, Mandie Taketa’s journey ⁤is a testament to the power of ⁣resilience, self-love, and⁣ personal⁢ growth. ⁣Her ⁤experiences serve⁣ as ‍an ⁣inspiration ‍to many​ who⁣ may‍ be going‌ through‌ similar hardships, showing that it ‌is possible ‌to emerge ⁤from difficult ​times with strength and grace. As we⁣ reflect ‌on her journey, we can all‍ learn ⁤valuable lessons about‌ perseverance and the importance of prioritizing our own well-being.


Q: ​Who is ⁢Wayne‍ Brady’s wife?
A: Wayne Brady’s wife is Mandie Taketa, whom he was ⁢married to from ⁣1999⁤ to 2007.

Q: Are Wayne⁤ Brady​ and Mandie Taketa ⁢still​ married?
A:‌ No, they are no longer married. They ⁤divorced ‌in ‌2007.

Q: Did Wayne Brady remarry after his divorce from Mandie Taketa?
A: Yes,⁢ Wayne Brady remarried to‌ his second wife, Mandie Taketa, in 2020.

Q: Does⁤ Wayne Brady have children⁤ with his ⁢ex-wife, ‍Mandie Taketa?
A: Yes,​ Wayne ‍Brady ⁣and ‌Mandie Taketa have one child together, a​ daughter named Maile Masako Brady.

Q: What ‌is‍ Wayne Brady’s ⁢relationship with ​his ex-wife, Mandie Taketa,‍ like now?
A: They ​have‍ maintained an amicable ‌co-parenting relationship⁢ and continue⁣ to support ​each⁤ other as they co-parent their daughter.

Q: Is Wayne Brady’s current‌ wife,⁢ Mandie⁢ Taketa, ​a public figure ‍or⁣ celebrity?
A: Mandie ​Taketa ​is not a public figure or celebrity. ​She is known for ⁤her work as‍ a yoga​ instructor and ⁤holistic wellness advocate.

Q: How did⁤ Wayne Brady and Mandie Taketa meet?
A: Wayne Brady ⁢and Mandie Taketa met in Los Angeles while⁤ he ⁣was performing in ‌a musical ⁣and she was pursuing acting and‌ modeling.‍ They ⁤got married in 1999.​

The Conclusion

In conclusion, Wayne Brady’s wife, Mandie Taketa,‍ has been a supportive presence⁤ in his‌ life ‌and career. Their​ amicable ​co-parenting relationship and ​continued ⁤friendship show that their bond⁣ goes beyond divorce. ⁣While the details​ of their relationship remain private, it is evident that‌ their mutual ​respect and admiration for each ​other continue ⁢to ​be⁣ a positive influence in both of their‍ lives.⁢ We wish ⁢them ⁣the best in their future endeavors, both professionally ⁢and personally. Stay⁣ tuned for ​more ‍updates⁢ on Wayne Brady and his‌ family.


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