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Meet the Cast of We’re the Millers 2: What to Expect from the Hilarious Sequel


The highly anticipated sequel to the⁤ 2013 hit comedy “We’re the Millers” ‍is currently in the works, ‌and fans are eager to ‌learn more ‌about the star-studded cast⁢ set to bring the hilarious ensemble ‌back to the big screen. With the return of familiar faces and ‍the addition of some new comedic talent, “We’re the Millers⁢ 2” ​is shaping up to be a must-see movie event. Let’s take a closer look at the cast members who will be reprising their roles and those who are joining the crew for the ⁢sequel.

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New Additions to the Cast

Exciting‌ news for fans of the hit comedy “We’re the Millers” – there are ⁤for the‌ much-anticipated sequel,⁤ “We’re the Millers 2”! Joining the original star-studded lineup is ⁣an array of​ talented actors, bringing ‌fresh energy and humor to⁢ the beloved franchise.

One of the ‌notable new⁤ cast members is ⁤the versatile and beloved actress Emma Stone, ‍known for ‍her roles in various ​comedy and⁤ drama films. Her addition to the “We’re the Millers 2” cast has generated much ‍buzz and anticipation among ⁣fans, eager to see⁤ how she will contribute ​to the‍ comedic dynamics⁤ of the ensemble.

Joining⁤ Emma Stone is the charismatic⁣ and hilarious actor Michael ‌B. Jordan, who‌ has captivated audiences with ‍his performances in various blockbuster films.‌ His presence in the sequel promises to inject a new‍ level of humor and charisma, adding to ‌the chemistry ‌of the ensemble cast.

Emma Stone Known for diverse roles in comedy and ⁣drama
Michael B. Jordan Charismatic actor with blockbuster film credits

Returning‌ Favorites

After the massive success of the original “We’re⁤ the Millers”, fans⁣ have been eagerly anticipating the sequel​ and wondering which familiar faces will be returning for⁢ the second installment.‍ The good news is that many of the⁤ beloved ⁢characters ⁣from the first film are set ‍to make a ⁢comeback in “We’re ‍the Millers 2”.

Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, ​Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter are all confirmed​ to be reprising their roles in the upcoming movie. Their performances in‍ the original film were‌ widely praised, and their return is sure to delight fans of ​the comedy. With their impeccable comedic timing and chemistry on screen, ⁤the returning cast members are expected to bring the same ‍level of⁣ humor and charm to the⁣ sequel.

We’re the Millers 2 Returning Cast
Actor Character
Jennifer Aniston Rose O’Reilly
Jason Sudeikis David Clark
Emma Roberts Casey Mathis
Will Poulter Kenny Rossmore

With the⁢ core cast members back on board, “We’re the⁣ Millers 2” is shaping up to be another hilarious and entertaining ride.⁤ The chemistry and camaraderie between the characters were central to the ​success of the original film, and fans​ can look forward to more of the⁤ same in⁣ the ​highly anticipated sequel.

Behind-the-Scenes Insights

After much anticipation, the​ sequel to the hit comedy “We’re the Millers” is finally in the works, and fans are eager to get⁤ into the cast of ⁢”We’re the Millers 2″. The‍ original‌ film, released in 2013, was a massive success, and ​the returning cast ​members are ready to bring back the ⁤laughs for​ the highly-anticipated sequel.

The‌ original “We’re the Millers” featured an ensemble ​cast led by Jason Sudeikis, ‍Jennifer Aniston, ‍Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter. While details‍ about the cast for‍ the sequel are still⁤ limited,‌ fans can expect to see some familiar faces ‍returning, as well as some new additions to the mix. The chemistry between the cast members was a major factor in the success of the first film,‍ and‍ audiences are ​excited to see ⁣how the dynamic will play ‌out⁤ in the upcoming​ movie.

Jason Sudeikis Returning as the witty and resourceful fake dad, David Clark.
Jennifer Aniston Set to reprise her role as⁢ the feisty stripper-turned-fake mom, Rose‍ O’Reilly.
Emma Roberts Expected to return as rebellious teenager ⁤Casey Mathis.
Will Poulter Reportedly reprising his role as the naive neighbor, Kenny Rossmore.
New Additions Stay tuned for updates ⁣on new cast members joining the “We’re the Millers 2” lineup.

Potential Storylines

With rumors of ⁢a potential sequel to the hit comedy “We’re the Millers,”⁤ fans are already buzzing with excitement about the possible storylines⁢ that could unfold in‌ the next installment. The original film followed a group⁣ of⁢ misfit ‌characters who posed as a fake family in order ⁢to smuggle drugs across ⁣the border. Now, as talks of “We’re the Millers 2” heat up, audiences are speculating about​ what adventures the quirky cast of characters will ⁢embark on next.

One potential storyline could see the makeshift ⁣family getting caught ⁣up in ⁢another outrageous smuggling scheme, leading to even more hilarious and precarious situations. Another possibility is ⁣for the characters‌ to find ⁣themselves⁣ in a completely different ⁣setting, with new challenges and mishaps to navigate. ‍Whatever⁤ the storyline⁢ may be, fans can expect the same level of humor and hijinks that made the original film a fan favorite.

Smuggling‌ scheme sequel A ⁢new adventure in a different setting

Fan Expectations

As rumors of a potential sequel ⁤to the hit comedy “We’re the Millers” continue to swirl, fans ​are eagerly anticipating the return of their favorite ‌characters and the ⁢addition of‍ new faces to the cast. The original film,‍ released in 2013, followed a ⁤makeshift family of ⁤misfits as they embarked on a hilarious road trip filled with‍ unexpected twists and turns. With the possibility of ‌a sequel on the ‍horizon, ‍are running high.

Rumors have been​ circulating about which ⁣cast ‌members will reprise‌ their roles ⁢in ⁣”We’re the Millers‍ 2.” Fans are‌ hoping to see the return of Jason Sudeikis, Jennifer Aniston, Emma Roberts, and Will Poulter,⁤ who all played integral⁣ parts in the ⁤first movie. Additionally, there‌ is⁣ excitement ⁣surrounding the potential ‍for new‌ cast members to join the ⁤ensemble and bring fresh energy to the ​sequel.

Cast Member Role
Jason ⁢Sudeikis David Clark
Jennifer Aniston Rose ⁢O’Reilly
Emma Roberts Casey Mathis
Will ⁣Poulter Kenny Rossmore

Overall, fans‍ are‍ eagerly​ anticipating the announcement of “We’re⁤ the Millers 2” and are hopeful that the sequel will meet their high expectations for a hilarious and entertaining continuation​ of the ⁤beloved story.

Director’s Vision

When it comes⁤ to the cast ‍of “We’re the Millers‌ 2,” the is to assemble a talented and⁣ diverse group ⁣of ⁤actors who‍ can bring⁤ the characters to life in a unique and ⁣compelling‍ way. The director, in this case, ‍is looking⁤ for actors who can not only deliver⁢ the humor and wit that made the⁢ first movie a success but also bring something fresh and new to ​the table.

With “We’re the Millers 2,” the director ‌is aiming to create a ‍film that‌ is equally hilarious ⁢and ⁢heartwarming. This ‌means finding a cast that can ​handle both comedic timing and⁢ emotional depth. The ⁢for the‍ cast includes a mix of established comedic actors‍ and up-and-coming talent, ensuring that the chemistry on screen feels authentic and ‌organic.

Actor Role
Jason Sudeikis David Clark
Jennifer Aniston Rose⁤ O’Reilly
Emma Roberts Casey Mathis
Will Poulter Kenny Rossmore

The for the “We’re the Millers 2” cast is to build on⁤ the ‍success of the first ​film while pushing the boundaries of the characters and their⁣ relationships. With a mix of seasoned actors and rising stars, the goal is to create ⁣a dynamic and memorable ensemble that will bring audiences ‍back for another hilarious and heartwarming​ adventure.

Casting Challenges

When it comes to for the sequel to “We’re the Millers”,‌ the stakes are high. Fans of the original film‌ are eager⁤ to see their favorite characters back⁤ in action, and the‍ pressure is ‍on to‌ deliver a stellar cast for the follow-up.

One of the main ⁣ for​ “We’re‍ the Millers 2” is finding the right actors to reprise their roles from the first film. With such a strong ensemble cast in the original movie, it’s ⁣essential to bring back the same level of talent and chemistry for the sequel. Additionally, the filmmakers may ⁤need to introduce new ‍characters, adding another layer of complexity to the casting process.

Another‍ challenge facing the casting team is ensuring that the cast reflects ‍the diverse⁢ and ‌inclusive nature of the original film. With audiences increasingly demanding representation on screen, there ‍is added pressure to cast a wide range of talented ​actors from different backgrounds and experiences.

To ⁢meet these challenges, the casting team will need to carefully consider the chemistry between ‌the actors, the diversity of‌ the cast, and​ the potential for memorable performances. With the right mix of⁤ talent and creativity, “We’re the Millers 2” has the potential to build upon the success of the original movie and captivate audiences once again.

Anticipated ​Release Date


After the ‌huge success of “We’re the​ Millers,” fans have been eagerly anticipating the ⁣release of the sequel, “We’re the Millers ⁤2.” One of the most pressing questions on everyone’s mind is the of the‍ film. ⁤While⁤ details have been kept tightly under wraps, ⁤there have been rumors circulating about ​when audiences can expect to see the return of the Miller ⁣family to the big screen.

Despite the excitement surrounding the sequel, the for “We’re the Millers 2” has⁣ not been officially announced. However, industry ‍insiders and fans alike are hopeful that the film will hit theaters in the coming year. As the ⁣anticipation continues to build,​ audiences can’t help​ but ‍wonder when they’ll finally get to reunite⁤ with their favorite dysfunctional makeshift family.

Rumor Release Date
Summer 2022 TBD
Spring 2023 TBD



Q:‍ Is there a sequel to the movie “We’re the Millers”?
A: Yes, there is a sequel in the ⁢works for “We’re the Millers”, titled ‌”We’re the​ Millers 2″.

Q: Who is part of the ⁢cast‍ for “We’re the Millers 2″?
A: The original cast of the first movie, including‍ Jennifer Aniston, Jason Sudeikis, Emma Roberts,​ and‌ Will Poulter,‌ are confirmed to reprise​ their roles in the⁣ sequel.

Q: Are⁣ there any new additions to the cast for ⁣”We’re the Millers 2”?
A: While no new additions have been officially announced, there are rumors‌ of ‍potential new ‌cast ⁤members‌ joining​ the ‍sequel.

Q:‌ What ⁤can⁢ we‌ expect from⁤ the storyline of “We’re‍ the Millers 2”?
A: The ​exact plot details ⁣have not been revealed yet, but it⁣ is expected to continue the comedic adventures of‌ the dysfunctional fake family.

Q: When ⁢is “We’re⁢ the Millers 2” expected to be released?
A: As of now, there is no official release date for “We’re the Millers 2”, but fans are eagerly anticipating its arrival.​

Concluding Remarks

In conclusion, the ‌cast of ‌”We’re the Millers‌ 2″ is shaping ‍up to be⁤ an ‍exciting ensemble of talent. With familiar faces ‍like Jennifer Aniston ⁢and Jason Sudeikis returning, and⁢ new additions​ like Ken Jeong ‌and Rob Schneider joining‍ the mix, the sequel ‍promises to be a hilarious and entertaining film for fans of the original. As production continues and more ​details are revealed, we can’t​ wait⁤ to‍ see how this star-studded cast brings the Millers back to the big screen. ‍Stay tuned for⁢ updates ‍on this highly anticipated comedy sequel.


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